Beneath The Smile

Album: DEMO 2011 (2011)

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Song: The Last Statement

Bitrate: 128kbps

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We're a band that makes music for money, our biggest goal is to become rockstars and fuck groupies on a daily basis. We turn homosexual on sundays.

Actually, Beneath The Smile started in early 2011 from the ashes of an unknown alternative metal band. Val (guitar player) gathered two old members (Nick on drums and Alex on guitar) to start a new project just for passion and to find a way to channel personal emotions into music. The name itself comes from band members' personal experiences. Our three-piece party of heroes decided to look for a singer and found an advertise on some website. After a short phonecall, Val realized that Alb was the right person to deliver vocals for the new band. A few days later, Dade, Val's college mate, accepted to join the band as bass player.

We just want to play what we like and take every chance to do it as often as possible. We joined this site just to get some visibility.

Cheers! <3<3